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Dawna de la Fuente

Dawna has a passion for creativity and it did not come from textbooks; it was wired into her from birth. It is not what she does, it is who she is. She grew up around seamstresses with her grandmothers and mother who taught her to sew. She began styling outfits and hosting fashion shows for family and friends as a teen. After high school she traveled to Europe and visited fashion ateliers in France. This trip changed her life forever and planted a seed in her mind that would grow in the future. The very essence of her life is about creativity whether it’s fashion styling or fashion design. From producing fashion TV shows to designing accessories for high end boutiques, her creativity runs the gamut.

After earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Florida she went on to produce several award winning TV shows including a Magazine Style Fashion TV show-‘Elegance with Ivana Trump’. She had a lengthy, successful career in TV and when she became a mom, she decided to start her own business. She founded StyleBeautyImageTRANSFORMATIONS doing fashion and wardrobe consulting. Working with her clients, she recognized what women really want in apparel: femininity and sophistication in classic modern shapes. So she pursued her childhood dream of fashion. She started her own fashion company, TIFARA GENERATION. Beginning with accessories, she did free lance work for the high end boutique store, LF Stores, where her designs sold on 5th AVE NY and in 23 stores across the country.

Currently, she is launching a women’s resort collection with her custom textiles. TIFARA GENERATION celebrates femininity and sophistication in classic modern shapes expressed in textures, laces, silks, and chiffons with lots of color and unique prints. The TIFARA GENERATION brand is for the confident woman who knows who she is and where she is going, believing that anything is possible and it’s all joy to her! Life is an adventure and she celebrates every part of it. She chases after her dreams and finds success one way or the other. She enjoys every part of her life whether it’s in the boardroom, bank room, on a date with her spouse, or on a cruise with her family. It’s all about good taste and good times wearing TIFARA GENERATION, where “beauty meets destiny”.

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